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About Us.

About Us

Founded in 2000 by John Harrison – John’s vision for SMB’s service offering has always been to give Small to Medium sized businesses a real choice when selecting their IT support provider. As John himself states: “I was amazed that there didn’t seem to be any middle ground – I noticed that IT support was being provided by either a ‘friend of a friend’ (with no experience or time to truly give the kind of support company’s demand), or, by the ‘pricey corporates’, I felt there  had to be a better way”

With a background in running his own company spanning over 20 years, John knows what it’s like to juggle the day to day issues of running your own business. After initially supplying IT solutions he then made the move into Telephone Lines, Broadband and VOIP Telephony solutions as he was not happy with the traditional “Blame Game” that happens when say the internet connection fails or emails fail or the like, he wanted business owners to have a single call to one company that will just “fix the problem” letting the business carry on earning.

He is passionate about talking to businesses in real life language not “tech speak” and working with businesses to show how IT can be a real asset to the business and not just that “thing” that you have been forced into using.

Give us a call today and let’s see if we can change the way you feel about your IT!

John Harrison, SMB Network Solutions

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