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Online Backup

Losing access to critical business data would be disastrous or deeply impact your productivity temporarily, and can be fatal if lost completely.

  • Losing access to critical business data would be disastrous or deeply impact your productivity temporarily, and can be fatal if lost completely
  • Distrusting the current backup system. Tape fails, external and thumb drives can be unreliable, making it hard to know exactly what is backed up, and/or whether it has been corrupted.
  • A fail-safe to tape and disk system for Disaster Recovery
  • Natural disaster, fire and theft
  • Shrinking IT budgets that curtail staff available to proactively manage data backups
  • Implementing a backup system for the first time
  • It takes a long time to do traditional backups
  • Remembering to do the back ups
  • Uncertainty as to when the backups are happening

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SBS Specialists

Designed and priced for small businesses with up to 75 users, Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard (SBS 2011 Standard) delivers enterprise-class server technology in an affordable,all-in-one solution. SBS 2011 Standard helps protect your business information from loss by performing automatic daily backups. Additionally, it allows users to be more productive with features such as e-mail, Internet connectivity, internal websites, remote access, and file and printer sharing.

Increase Data and Network Protection. SBS 2011 Standard provides automatic local backup and restoration of all your business critical data on the server, helping you to focus on your core business objectives rather than worrying about the status of your IT.

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Structured Cabling

SMB Network Solutions offers the client a design, installation and commissioning service for structured cabling as part of its telecommunications solutions. Offering great experience and expertise in copper based systems; Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat7 for 10G transmission.

To compliment the passive side of your infrastructure we also support active network equipment including wireless networks and modern VOIP solutions. Cabling is one of the most critical elements in our client’s network infrastructure, supporting computer, voice, audio and visual applications yet it is often the most neglected or misunderstood

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Voice Over IP

If you are looking to introduce VoIP into your business then have a look to see if you fit the criteria for our Business VoIP Package. We can save your company hundreds of pounds each month.

In addition to the VoIP services we offer, our wholesalers have recently acquired many Geographic numbers from all over the UK, giving us access to an impressive database. Within this database we have numerous quality “Golden Numbers” that can really add value to your Business!

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